AntiWebMiner protects your PC against web cryptocurrency miners (JS scripts like Coinhive executed in the browser) by modifying Windows hosts file


The coin mining in a browser using scripts like Coinhive is a real problem for everyone. These scripts may cause your browsers working slow or fully unresponsive, drain a battery of your notebook. Any webmaster may add only one line to a code of website to start monetizing by coin mining. AntiWebMiner blocks scripts using a "blacklist" database of hosts like "Coinhive".

AntiWebMiner modifies a Windows hosts file for disabling connection attempts to "blacklisted" sites.


This protection works for all browers. You don't need to install a browser extension.


AntiWebMiner includes automatical updater of the blacklisted sites.


AntiWebMiner is an open source software, license by Apache 2.0.

Downloads 5,134
Weekly downloads 7
Publisher Greatis Software
By greatis
Created on 02 October 2017
Last update 11 October 2017
Category Anti adware
Operating system Windows

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