Version Size Added on Downloads
2.0.50 1.25 MB 223
  • MD5 · 699e45ff67e0893d43d0e73ff2e3f67f
  • SHA1 · 3d6b83c7d810cc5c682ad34207011c030321e1b1
  • SHA256 · 554eedcb4d9803918fec9d0d13605280153dd38f3b30a14c8c04e7351f597782
  • Added blocking of Windows Update Medic service (WaasMedicSvc).
    Windows Update Medic can reactivate update service.
    StopUpdates10 blocks "WaasMedicSvc" automatically using Updates Guard service.
    Windows service manager cannot disable "WaasMedicSvc".
    StopUpdates10 is able to do it using direct registry change.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect checking of the service state.
  • Fixed bug with uninstalling.
  • New web site.