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Release 1.4 MB 18,856
  • MD5 · bda1ded3fb9bf2fb871a02850c473c79
  • SHA1 · d03b7244891f40846c5e9ec6ae87e55d786fcd2b
  • SHA256 · b9204b486e097dd08e5697205f55cc842cb6f42da0b72503f5a59e273bdd22dd Simlink checking engine is finalized. MFT mode is disabled when checking the targets of symlink on non-system drives. Fixed some false positives. Added support for checking profiles and subdirectories moved with symlinks. Fixed a bug that caused the .website shortcuts are not logged. Fixed crash when third-party software blocks the write access to the log file. Fixed bug when expanding some URI shortcuts (ftp). Fixed bug when expanding labels with environment variables tied to specific users. Fixed a bug when concatenating strings with NUL characters, which led to a truncation of the log. Fixed a bug when trying to double the expansion of batch files, leading to the output of their text in the debug log. Added compatibility of the program with DBCS-systems (for example, with the Japanese locale). Added compatibility of the program when launched via Local System context. The command-line parser is improved. Improved the quality of the icon in the taskbar. Added a warning when trying to drag any file or folder to Check Browsers LNK.exe. Corrected the rules of analysis. Updated the browser base. Added translation into Ukrainian.