Check Browsers LNK Release
Check Browsers LNK Release
Check Browsers LNK
Check Browsers LNK

Check Browsers' LNK checks usual (*.LNK) and the Internet (*.URL) shortcuts to detect harmful links aimed to show undesirable ads in browsers.



1) Disable temporarily your antivirus.

2) Run the file Check Browsers LNK.exe

3) Wait the completing of the work…* 

After scanning, the folder “LOG” will be opened near the program and the report Check_Browsers_LNK.log that is to be placed in the theme of helping you.


Some prefixes description:

>>> - shortcuts recommended to be cured. When drag & drop the log to program ClearLNK, they will be cured automatically.

- (minus)  - shortcuts that will be excluded from the list of ClearLNK program handling. If you need to cure some of them, just copy line to the main window of ClearLNK and press 'Cure'.

!!! – files needed special attention


The developers:

- Pol’shyn Stanislav (Alex Dragokas)

- regist


Translations maded by:

English: Ganna Khatser.

French: Fr33tux (

German: Natalia Ishyna.

Downloads 57,082
Weekly downloads 32
Publisher Alex Dragokas & regist
By Dragokas
Created on 07 March 2015
Last update 07 March 2018
Category Anti adware
Operating system Windows

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