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  • MD5 · 6e1ff53ca50d0a83c3cac37c678b5f64
  • SHA1 · b281d1f558d862a13ba1a7a409db6147b9837e9a
  • SHA256 · 3381565db3bb7bbc8c1177f9abffeffea6097d6ac3241962714adcabcfb67932 Fixed bug with path information damage when working with arrays. Fixed bug when MFT-based search worked on systems with installed MS Office only. Fixed bug which cause app. crash when checking integrity level. Fixed bug related to checking file codepage. Fixed bug with re-encoding target of appref-ms. Fixed several bugs in analysis rules. Fixed error when log file doesn't open automatically on some OS. Fixed error with identifying codepage of URL-addresses. OS info: added ReleaseId for Windows 10. /Favorites/.../Интернет.lnk added to Black list. Expanded .appref-ms scan to profiles of every users. Browsers whitelist database has been updated.