I have always been of the thought that Too much similar SW is not good. That being the case which of the offered programs(which I don't have) should be considered

Re: Antivirus Software

Most anti-virus softwares do the job relatively well, they all provide decent features, and most importantly, most of them have a free alternative, for example, IObit, Avast, Comodo, Malwarebytes and so on, you could try them out and see which ones you prefer yourself. And of course, the best product is usually a paid product, so whichever you chose to use, paid versions are more sustained. As for my recommendations, I have used IObit, Avast and Kaspersky, all of them worked well on Windows. Although when I switched to Windows 10, I just do weekly scans and that is all, since Windows has a reliable native anti-virus solution. Just have to be aware of what you are clicking, not to download shady files, and you should be all right overall. Good luck!