The latest version is being considered a virus by Windows Defender.

My windows:

Windows 10 pro



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Can you make sure Windows is up to date an try again?


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I've tried several times to download. Windows defender says it has a trojan. If I install the previous version has no problem.


My Windows is up to date.


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Is Windows Defender up to date?

Please take a look at the "Trigger an update" section, here:


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I downloaded it. But the computer shows a message  saying it can not run the application. Ask to consult the  software vendor. Another point is that the program icon  does not appear (image of an insect). Displays a standard Windows software icon.

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In the last update of Windows 10, they upgraded Windows defender. Especially the Exploit protection. Many people do the AdwCleaner dowload but are unable to run the program.

See the icon after after the download

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When you say "many people do the AdwCleaner download but are unable to run the program", can you share some other cases? That'd be helpful.

Also, can you try downloading AdwCleaner using another web browser (Chrome, Firefox, ..)?


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I activated a function on my Chrome through the link - chrome://flags/  called - parallel-download.  

This is what affected the AdwCleaner download.

The funny thing is that this only affected your program. 


All employees of the company where I work have the same problem because they have enabled this function in their browsers. That's why I wrote "many people" earlier.

I'm sorry for the mistake

Thanks a lot

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Good catch.

I'm able to reproduce the issue and we even know its cause. I'll let you know as soon as the issue is fixed (probably next week).