After I installed then uninstalled Ace Stream and its Firefox plugin, I ran a scan on my PC with AdwCleaner and found the following entry to delete : C:/Users/MyName/AppData/Roaming/.acestream I asked AdwCleaner to delete it, and it was indeed deleted after rebooting and the report said it was deleted. I ran a second scan and AdwCleaner found nothing to deleted, so I thought the problem was fixed. However, after I restarted my PC and ran another scan, the faultry entry was there again! I deleted it again but the same problem reappeared again and again like an ugly phoenix rising from the ashes. I deleted all instances of "acestream" in the registry and in C:/ but the problem remained unsolved. I must add that my PC is working perfectly without any sign af adware and that no other antispyware, namely RogueKiller, MalwareBytes, Spybot and Ad-aware, found any trace of this acestream. I would think it is a false positive if this problem had not appeared just after I installed Ace Stream on my PC. This bears evidence that, however minor, this problem is clearly linked to the installation of Ace Stream. Perhaps I am too much of a perfectionist, but I would be very happy if this problem could be solved. Thank you in advance.

Re: AdwCleaner deletes acestream but it reappears after Windows start-up

Hi, there sheilaanderson,

Please download the free version of Ccleaner here to your pc and run the program analyze (applications, registry) and run cleaner.  When you delete the program(s) there are remnants left behind of that program.  Ccleaner deletes the remnants.  Reply back here how you made out.

By the way, which site did you download AceStream from?

Hope this helps?