in the last 4 days, 5 mins after im opening a program like unity, or opening more than 10 tabs in chrome my computer starts to work very very very very slow (i cant even click on something!). propably you will say its because of malware/viruses or because my computer has little amount of RAM but my computer worked well like 4 days before, can you guys say me what to do? 




Re: My computer 'takes a break' of working normally. any advise?


If your computer speed really slow downs in 4 days, that should not be an hardware issue.

But we will check :)

  • Download ZHPDiag from Nicolas on his website
  • Then run it with administrator's rights (with right click)
  • Then upload the log file on up2share (you will find it on your desktop, just drop the file on the upload zone)
  • Then post the link in your reply

Bye :)