I am unsure of exactly what happened but I started noticing that my usual sites looked different and the addresses for them had also changed in the address bar. I could type in www.hotmail.com and it would redirect me to https://dub126.mail.live.com/default.aspx?rru=inbox everytime. I started using F12 developer tools to look at the webpages and their sources. I noticed that they all were not the actual sites. We also noticed we had been hacked our bank accounts kept getting weird charges.Our cordless phones started acting weird we couldn't make calls all the time half the time it was like our phone line and someone elses were spliced together. Our internet slowed way down our usage went sky high, when using F12 it says alot is hidden from view, in the scripts from the webpages things I figured I should be able to see like my actual emails and my email options controls. But the F12 says they are false or hidden, I this normal ? I have logs and programs I never installed on my Kindle Fire 10 5th Gen, My daughter's Kindle Fire 7 3rd Gen, and my Toshiba Satellite C655 AMD Windows 7 premium home edition Laptop. All three devices Say they are rooted and running lib, and APKs half my system files have been rewritten and modified and not by me or my daughter. I am very lost with so much lost and half the time I cannot connect to the Internet I have a Netgear wifi router I saw log files creating port rules and assigning Ip addresses I don't know how to fix it and my devices keep saying the network is configured wrong but I can't figure out how to fix it. A lot of my files, logs, and  emails have been encrypted I have no idea how to unencrypt them ecspeially without the passwords ? Is there a network fix all I can use they used the Command Prompt in Windows on my laptop. There are admin rights that were taken away from me the owner on my laptop. I bought it brand new from Best buy three years ago. So it's not under warrenty anymore. I am trying to figure out all I can as I am pretty computer educated just new to the programming side but I am a quick learner and I am a single mom on disability. I have already paid $145 to Netgear and they didn't fix it. I called my internet provider they said hire an IT person.  Right now I can't. I can send or post anything anyone needs to help. Logs, Emails, screenshots, anything. I have spent 4 months learning about programming, coding, scripts, and using COM prompt to configure and rewritte all kinds of things but I really don't know where to start. Thank you in advance for time and for reading this

Re: Help I need to gain control of my home network and devices again


I'll try to help you on that.

Can you generate a ZHPDiag logreport to get more informations on your system ?

  • Download ZHPDiag from Nicolas on his website
  • Then run it with administrator's rights (with right click)
  • Then upload the log file on up2share (you will find it on your desktop, just drop the file on the upload zone)
  • Then post the link in your reply

Then, did your antivirus have shown any alert regarding a threat on your system ?

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