In the past versions of AdwCleaner Techware.exe was whitelisted.  But it seems that the new version (v6.0.0.0) does not have it whitelisted.


Techware is a computer maintenance software we created that performs regularly scheduled maintenance on a PC. For instance defragging, Updates, Malware removal, computer components testing and so on.  It logs everything into the user's account on  

For some reason AdwCleaner now tends to kill the techware.exe process during maintenance so that it is unable to finish the clients maintenance properly.  I don't think any of the other Techware processes are closed... but I will list all of the processes that are related to Techware here:





Each file has a digital certificate registered to our company, Techware Solutions, Inc.


If you need any more information please ask.



Techware, Solutions, Inc.

Re: Whitelist Techware.exe


Thanks for letting us know. It should be enough to get it fixed in the next release of AdwCleaner (v6.010).

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Re: Whitelist Techware.exe

Thank You. :-)  I will test it on the next release.