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from thermalspraygun, (22 june 2020)

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from, (11 may 2018)

Un millon de gracias, quito el virus de mis usbs y de mi disco duro extraible...intente otras maneras antes de encontrar esta informacion. Gracias de corazon y el mas alto nivel de exito para ti!


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from properbo, (05 october 2017)

I picked up nasty malware where it stopped all services etc.I tried several programs like combofix etc.I booted into safemode ran Rkill then unhackme.It fixed my machine within an hour.Very impressed ;-) A1


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from Streuner, (08 june 2017)

After using the program for so long, it stops measuring the data. Although I watch YouTube videos, Face or download a movie, the application marks 0kb and does not display an active graphic. In some occasions the problem is solved by re-installing, but there comes a moment that does not work since it does not measure traffic or anything.


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from AlexKiWi, (23 december 2016)

Moinsen Lüds,
leider hat "AdwCleaner 6.041" die Software "ACE Stream 3.1.1" als Adwer erkannt und wollte alles löschen. Mit der Software schau ich Livestreams an.
Ändert dies doch mal bitte ab, oder muß ich nach dem scannen da etwas auf ignorieren einstellen ? Ich kenne den Schalter nicht - schlimm ?


PS: Und macht bitte auch 2017 weiter Lüds


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from darkdragon, (06 november 2016)

El programa va genial, los que tenemos mac ya no tendremos que ir abriendo maquinas virtuales para poder descargar los enlaces ELC , gracias !!!!


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from Aqli, (25 august 2016)

AdwCleaner 6.010, false positive registry detection:

{10921475-03CE-4E04-90CE-E2E7EF20C814} belong to IObit Uninstaller, and its very safe.

* [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{10921475-03CE-4E04-90CE-E2E7EF20C814}]

* [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{10921475-03CE-4E04-90CE-E2E7EF20C814}]

* [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Stats\{10921475-03CE-4E04-90CE-E2E7EF20C814}]


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from GEGEPING, (19 august 2016)

Plein de faux positifs surement car non nettoyés au reboot avec cette nouvelle version.

La précédente version ne montrait rien.

Attendons une prochaine MAJ de la database ou du logiciel?

En tout cas, il m'a bien aidé, donc soyons indulgent pour la résolution du pb.


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from 3ogdy, (17 august 2016)

I really appreciate what you do with this program. It's one hell of a program. I do have a suggestion, though:
I've noticed that, the more up-to-date it is, the slower it takes quite some time for it to scan a system, despite using SSDs.
Could you split the scanning process among 4+ cores of the CPU so that the scanning speed is improved? Could you give the software 4 instances with Affinity specifically set to a CPU core? I believe doing that may improve its scanning time, especially on SSDs (which are usually the ones holding the entire Windows installation -> and this last one is what most infection target (Users folder, Windows, Program Data...)

Thank you again for your work on this great tool! No wonder it has so many millions of downloads


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from ****, (16 august 2016)

version 6.0 .
Adwcleaner finds a threat in file web data located in C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default . The value is Search Provider and data is
I deleted it several times and it still can't be removed, even I deleted the whole Web data file.