Re: False Positive v7?

I am not, just a friendly individual who tries to help people solve problems and learn about the solutions myself :) What other virus scanners and anti-malware scanners have you tried?

Re: Start\Windows icon

Have you noticed anything else weird/out of the ordinary on your PC? Can you try booting into Windows "Safe mode with networking" and see if you can do any of the actions through that. Otherwise, I would recommend doing a thorough malware check just in case.

Full and thorough malware check:

1. Restart your PC in “Safe mode with networking.” 2. Install and run RKill to kill malicious processes...

Re: Version beta stops when scanning

Did you remove previous versions of the software from your PC and are you sure you are using the latest version? Make sure you are running only one instance of anti-malware software.

Re: Version beta stops when scanning

After the logs, do you have any other anti-virus or active anti-malware software that could be interfering?Have you tried restarting PC, running RKill to kill potentially malicious software and scan with AdwCleaner? What about Windows safe mode? does that work?

Re: Adware and i don't know what to do

If it would be a false positive, you would be safe, I am not sure it is. Have you tried doing a full scan with your anti-virus software and Malwarebytes? Did they pop up a false positive as well? It is always best to check with multiple anti-malware software before jumping conclusions. 

Re: pup optional legacy

Could you define the nature of the pop-up? Is it in the browser? On the desktop? through certain applications? When did the issue start happening? (Please answer these before continuing the read)

Since I am not certain about how it manifests, I can only offer a general thorough PC clean-up. The following steps should help you remove the issues, but make sure to post MBAM and ADW logs after sca...

Re: Protection for Android

Pretty much a great option. The problem is, even with anti-virus or anti-malware on phones, it still is not enough as phones are more complicated to detect issues on.

Re: Error ADW

Could you try restarting your PC in safe mode with networking, install Malwarebytes, do a full scan with them and then attempt to scan with AdwCleaner. 

Before that, you could also use RKill to kill any malicious software before using anti-malware. Let me know if this helps.

Re: Potential false positives?

PUP is usually named a Potentially Unwanted Program. It doesn't always have to be malware or malicious software. If MMO's have their anti-cheat in form of "Pando", it might interact with files at the system level, which AdwCleaner could deem treating a very normal reaction. Keep in mind that different malware removal software targets malicious software different ways. While one anti-malware so...