Re: Potential false positives?

PUP is usually named a Potentially Unwanted Program. It doesn't always have to be malware or malicious software. If MMO's have their anti-cheat in form of "Pando", it might interact with files at the system level, which AdwCleaner could deem treating a very normal reaction. Keep in mind that different malware removal software targets malicious software different ways. While one anti-malware sof...

Re: Version 7 FPs (262 elements)

I have no proxies on either machine.

Just updated and ran scan - still same result as yesterday as below - 280 entires found!

The Chrome entries found are simply my personalisations for the Chrome start up page! Should definately not be selected or cleaned!

# AdwCleaner - Logfile created on Fri Jul 21 08:26:44 2017 # Updated on 2017/17/07 by Malwarebytes # Database: 07-16-2017.1 # Ru...

Re: PUP.Legacy.Optional - 3 Threats Identified

Glad you could solve the issue. And yeah, Malwarebytes is amazing, but I have found myself using ADWCleaner as well, there are something things one software doesn't clean as good as other, which is why it is always recommended to do multiple scans with multiple anti-malware solutions, just to be 100% sure.

Re: AdwCleaner signature

You sure you are downloading it from an official source? from here? If yes, there is a slight possibility, that if you have some form of malware, it will prevent you from downloading any cleanup files. If you are able, do a scan with your current anti-virus and anti-malware software and see if that helps you solve the issue.

Re: ADWCleaner & Teamviewer

Never had issues that ADWCleaner would remove my TeamViewer. You sure it was that software? Maybe it was a fluke or a trojan pretending to be TeamViewer. You could try installing TV, doing a scan with anti-virus software, ADWCleaner and maybe some form of anti-malware on top of that, to confirm or deny your thoughts.

Re: After install Torch browser from the official page adwcleaner detects malware 18

Glad you solved the issue. Torch browser, unfortunately, is malware. It is what you would call Bundleware or PUP (Potentially unwanted program), usually bundled with other more used software as part to generate more file downloads and installs. In the future always select advanced or expert options when installing, usually, they are hidden after that one checkmark. Additionally, you can do regu...

Re: 19 may last update..??..:(

Development is a process, if the tool didn't work, people wouldn't use it at all. Two essential parts of the software are updated. Virus Database and Software on your computer. The database can and usually is updated regularly on the cloud, it's how your software detects that certain programs or files are malicious. Software on your computer is to be able to work with your PC. Sometimes if the ...

Re: can't remove

I figure by now you probably have figured it out, but I came across this when I was still looking for answers.  3 hours later I was finally free of that crap. 

I basically ran malwarebytes (I turned on search for rootkits under settings just to be sure), AdwCleaner, HitmanPro until nothing was found before finally removing google chrome completely.  And the real problem was that the url redire...

Re: Adwcleaner ne détecte toujours rien!

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version

--> La version 3 est disponible :

Re: Adwcleaner ne détecte toujours rien!

Je vous remerci beaucoup de votre aide

voila je vous fais joindre les 2 rapports :

NB: les virus je les detecte avec Zhpcleaner  ,JRT et SUPERAntiSpyware  meme MBAM(Malwarebytes Anti-Malware)ne detecte rien 

Merci -

A bientot !