Adware Cleaner, Can It Really Stop Anything Except Healthy Software?

I have, and had have problem with a "virus". When I click on anything on my webscreen (on a link for example) so instead for the link I clicked on opens a new window that want to sell something or ad for something. Mostly it`s "Pc repair" it`s been around for sometimes now and it`s extremly annoying. And adware cleaner don`t do anything to stop or even reqognize this virus. Not only adaware, no...

Re: Adwclwaner y Norton anti-virus


Please turn off Norton's realtime protection when using AdwCleaner or add it to the exclusion list. Then, you should be able to run it successfully.

Don't forget to turn on the protection when you're done.

Feel free to ask if you need more details.


Adwclwaner y Norton anti-virus

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Re: Adwcleaner ne se lance pas


je l'ai fais mais ça bloque defois,meme qu'on je le supprime dans le gestionnaire des taches il revient donc je l'ai desactivé et changé mon anti-virus vers kaspersky


Re: Win XP support

What this link is about? You're not working on Microsoft, don't you? Even MBAM supports XP along with other popular anti-viruses and tools.

There is a possibility to realize an XP support in current version. I wrote back in August to fr33tux and sent him screens with explanations on how to add XP support to your project. So for now it seems like a MBAM PR action that you don't want to realize ...

Vrai ou faux Adware ? (Is this a false positive? )


Suite une analyse de ce jour AdwClener a détecté : PUP.Adware.Heuristic, Bitdefender Agent WatchDog_65D6944A0EF74FDAB96E31112AD39864 . Après plusieurs tentatives de destruction celui-ci est toujours présent à l'analyse suivante.

S'agit-il d'un Adware réel et dans ce cas comment l'éliminer, ou est-ce un faux positif utilisé par mon anti-virus Bitdefender. L'analyse par Malwarebytes  n...

Re: Start\Windows icon

Have you noticed anything else weird/out of the ordinary on your PC? Can you try booting into Windows "Safe mode with networking" and see if you can do any of the actions through that. Otherwise, I would recommend doing a thorough malware check just in case.

Full and thorough malware check:

1. Restart your PC in “Safe mode with networking.” 2. Install and run RKill to kill malicious processes...

Re: Version beta stops when scanning

After the logs, do you have any other anti-virus or active anti-malware software that could be interfering?Have you tried restarting PC, running RKill to kill potentially malicious software and scan with AdwCleaner? What about Windows safe mode? does that work?

Re: Adware and i don't know what to do

If it would be a false positive, you would be safe, I am not sure it is. Have you tried doing a full scan with your anti-virus software and Malwarebytes? Did they pop up a false positive as well? It is always best to check with multiple anti-malware software before jumping conclusions. 

Re: pup optional legacy

Could you define the nature of the pop-up? Is it in the browser? On the desktop? through certain applications? When did the issue start happening? (Please answer these before continuing the read)

Since I am not certain about how it manifests, I can only offer a general thorough PC clean-up. The following steps should help you remove the issues, but make sure to post MBAM and ADW logs after sca...