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Downloaded the program about 10 minutes ago.  Ran program and got the error messsage that says the program is outdated.  Are you now working in the future and posting programs that we cannot see yet?


Torrin, 2017-07-31 19:46:39 (UTC)

This issue is known and will be resolved in a couple of hours. In the meantime, you can just discard the outdated version message. Sorry for the...

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J'ai le même problème concernant la version obsolète! J'ai passé outre et j'ai tout de même scanné. PUP.Optional.Legacy a été détecté. J'ai laissé Adwarcleaner continuer pour le supprimer. Mon ordi a redémarré. J'ai de nouveau relancé la beta afin de controlé si ce PUP a été nettoyé. Et bien non, il ressort de nouveau. Que se passe-t-il avec ce logiciel qui fonctionnait tr...

Cleaning process for both Vista32: there is something to be erased?

Bonjour, I already wrote to you per email one month ago, now I'm registered and I post here on the forum. I am cumdacon and I posted 2012 on the forum "general changelog". In the meantime I see that you changed the forum adress and switched from ZHPdiag to FRST. Vista ended its main support one month ago, [Office2007 is still receiving updates at least until september and Firefox 52ESR until at...

Re: Résultats AdwCleaner tronqués - non affichés.


Dans le changelog :

Il est indiqué ceci pour la v6.020 : "[UPD] - Display tabs with detected elements only."

Ce qui signifie que si tu n'as pas d'infection au niveau des services, l'onglet "Services" ne sera pas affiché, idem pour les autres onglets.

Re: ADWcleaner whitelist request for remote access tool called...

Thank you, but unforunately, the date of the last changelog still says 24/08/16 with version v6.010 - and the most current version to download right now is v6.010 :(

Just downloaded v6.010 and it still kills SimpleService.exe

Where can I make a donation to ADWcleaner?

Thank you,

Please advise.

Re: - False Positives -

Thanks Xplode.

The Directory Opus issue is now fixed. Thank you.

However, how is inistart.tbs going to start since Adwcleaner removed the inistart.tbs string at the end of the shortcut?

Before cleaning: "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeraByte Unlimited\TeraByte OSD Tool Suite Pro\win\tbosdtw.exe"

After cleaning: "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeraByte Unlimited\TeraByte OSD Tool Suite Pro\win\tbosdtw.exe...

Re: Google Chrome


Information regarding modification throughout new versions are written in the changelog which can be consulted on AdwCleaner's download page. 

This option is now disabled by default.


Re: False Detection by AdwCleaner

OK, just sent the exported Key to Your eMail-adress: xplode[at]

So i hope this time everything will work fine....

See  yahhhhh soon..... !!!

Re: False Detection by AdwCleaner


You should contact me directly at xplode[at] instead of Toolslib contact form because I don't receive these emails ( this form is only dedicated to contact Toolslib's admins )


Re: Language choice not working

on AdwCleaner by ****

And still no update of the Polish translation (unless you forgot to include it in the changelog)...