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some google results say this is due to the free premium feature for 14days - true? also the registry warning inconsistently happens on the second pc too but the 90% cpu usage stuff doesnt (eventho both exact same as said before) should my adwcleaner find sth if 1pc is effected by a virus? edit2: just tested again on my second machine and i was wrong when "scan memory" starts the cpu there spike...

Re: False Positive ?


Sorry for the late answer. The World of Warcraft detection will be fixed in the next release. And for FreeDownloadManager it seems we're keeping the detection - so not a FP.


Re: Ask Jeeves PUP ?


Can you share the scan/clean logfile? Feel free to host it here:


Re: AdwCleaner deletes acestream but it reappears after Windows start-up

Hi, there sheilaanderson,

Please download the free version of Ccleaner here to your pc and run the program analyze (applications, registry) and run cleaner.  When you delete the program(s) there are remnants left behind of that program.  Ccleaner deletes the remnants.  Reply back here how you made out.

By the way, which site did you download AceStream from?


Re: AdwCleaner has stopped working

I'm glad you like the new version - a lot of work went into it. :)

Feel free to send us feedbacks if you have any.


False Positive ?

***** [ Tasks ] *****

PUP.Adware.Heuristic            C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\FreeDownloadManagerNetworkMonitor

***** [ Registry ] *****

PUP.Adware.Heuristic            HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\FreeDownloadManagerNetworkMonitor


Free Download Manager

zone alarme firewall bloque tout les jours des tentatives d'intrusion



mon problème est que Zonealamer free firewall bloque tout les jours des tentatives d'intrusion. Donc je voulais savoir si j'ai une infection sur mon oridnateur.


ZHPdiag :

Re: ADW cleaner for WinXP

Feel free to ask if you need more help. :)

Re: ***caught unhandled unknown exception; terminating

When is it happening? During the clean process?

Yes! I use adwcleaner(not Malwarebytes). 

I see this message for 6 months. Version adwcleaner_7.0.8.0 What's happening? Does the company make everyone switch to a paid version? I use free of charge.

link to screenshot



Sorry, I do not know much English.

Re: ADW cleaner for WinXP


AdwCleaner v7 no longer supports Windows XP. You can try to use the previous major version (v6) by following this link:

Please note that it's 10 months old and is no longer updated.

Also, feel free to try out Malwarebytes 3.0 (it is compatible with XP):