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Since you're booting from a DVD, the 5 minutes boot time seems reasonable. When you boot from this kind of support/device, a lot of things are loaded in the RAM itself. It also depends on the max speed provided by your disk reader.

Are you suggesting I boot from the ISO itself on disk? If so, I don't know how to do that.

JW01, 2017-08-16 14:20:15 (UTC)

I'm pretty sure it isn't doable...

Re: ADWcleaner qui semble ne pas se lancer


merci pour l'information concernant les fichiers ajoutés :)  

Non, cela ne s'est pas produit qu'une fois, j'ai essayé 3 fois de lancer ADWcleaner avant d'abandonner et de demander à mon frère (qui utilise aussi ADWcleaner) si il avait le même souci que moi.

Voici le lien dont je parlais précédemment :

Et pourriez-vous me...

Re: AdwCleaner can't remove Program Files (x86)\MPC Cleaner

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Fortunately, I kept backups of CCleaner's registry deletions, some of which are clearly nothing to do with this adware:

MBAM later found StartGo123, which had been hijacking Chrome.

I imagine the malware writers reading our conversation and learning too, but HTH.

Infection? False positive?

I already know the browser instance is a NoScript false positive, but what of the rest? Please help me.


# AdwCleaner v6.000 - *Logfile created 19/08/2016 *at 12:05:02
# *Updated on 12/08/2016 by ToolsLib
# *Database : 2016-08-19.1 [*Server]
# *Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X86)
# *Username : Gakutenou - FROSTIE
# *Running from : C:\Documents\Downloads\adwcleaner...

Re: adwcleaner v6.000 : erreur fin d'analyse : impossible d'aboutir

6ème et dernière partie... (:( C'est très lourd...)

2016-08-18 21:45:50 :  <WARN> [scan.generic] - Found {FA0B094C-E46E-495E-A615-C4467466E18} 2016-08-18 21:45:50 :  <WARN> [scan.generic] - Found {FA1B59B3-A71F-4CF7-B8E7-514B578E135} 2016-08-18 21:45:50 :  <WARN> [scan.generic] - Found {FA69CCEB-E2EC-4233-93BB-B1C5A2DE8282} 2016-08-18 21:45:50 :  <WARN> [scan.generic] - Found {FA79F894-C354-49...

False positive check

Detected by version 6. Please help me in case it's an actual infection.

# AdwCleaner v6.000 - Logfile created 13/08/2016 at 00:29:51
# Updated on 12/08/2016 by ToolsLib
# Database : 2016-08-12.4 [Server]
# Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X86)
# Username : Gakutenou - FROSTIE
# Running from : C:\Documents\Downloads\adwcleaner_6.000.exe
# Mode: Scan
# Support : https...

UCGUARD service

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1st of all thax a loat for such a great tool. It helped me a loat in removing may adwares from systems. 2 -3 days back i was downloading somthing and hit with some malwares and adwares. after that i scanned pc with adaware removel tool but after clicking clean it was getting stucked again and again in notrmal mode and safe mood. then i scanned my pc with malwarebyt it cleand most of thing...