Is this a false positive?

on AdwCleaner by Nec

Hello, today after updating adwcleaner to the new version, has detected some PUPs (I leave you the registry of the scan and the cleaning). After reboot, I ran adwcleaner again and the PUPs are still there.

I have researched a bit about these addresses, and it seems that they are the default addresses that the router from my internet company provides. Each time I clean them, when I reconnect to...

Re: Malware or viruses?

Got the logfile


# AdwCleaner v6.046 - Logfile created 14/05/2017 at 11:13:11 # Updated on 24/04/2017 by Malwarebytes # Database : 2017-05-13.1 [Server] # Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X64) # Username : Användaren - ANVÄNDARENS # Running from : C:\Users\Användaren\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\adwcleaner_6.046.exe # Mode: Scan # Support : h...

Re: removing registry keys from adwcleaner

on AdwCleaner by ****

Here is the log file:

# AdwCleaner v6.000 - Logfile created 21/08/2016 at 20:30:21 # Updated on 12/08/2016 by ToolsLib # Database : 2016-08-21.4 [Server] # Operating System : Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 (X64) # Username : Muhammad - MUHAMMAD-PC # Running from : E:\Downloads\adwcleaner_6.000.exe # Mode: Scan # Support :

***** [ Services ] *****

No malicious s...

DNS Unlocker not removed


AdwCleaner does not detect or remove the adware "DNS Unlocker".

In my case, there were just some registry entries:



The GUID (c8f96...) may dif...

Re: internet navigation problem


J'ai vu ce post sur CCM, tu continue avec Malekal ou avec moi ?

On va donc partir sur un script ZHPFix :

On va utiliser ZHPFix, un logiciel de Nicolas Coolman, afin de supprimer quelques éléments :

  • Rends toi sur la page de téléchargement de ZHPFix, puis clique sur le bouton bleu "Nicolas Coolman - Télécharger".
  • Enregistre le fichier où tu veux et lance le (fais le par un clic-droi...

Re: internet navigation problem

---\\ Modification Domaine/Adresses DNS (6) - 0s O17 - HKLM\System\CCS\Services\Tcpip\Parameters: NameServer =,  =>.Google Public DNS O17 - HKLM\System\CCS\Services\Tcpip\Parameters: DhcpNameServer = O17 - HKLM\System\CCS\Services\Tcpip\..\{37F650BF-BA0B-48A5-9CEA-54F1E05D1189}: DhcpNameServer =  =>PUP.Optional.DNSUnlocker O17 - HKLM\System\CC...

Re: internet navigation problem


oui je joue au poker et fait des paris sportifs

j'ai fait tout ce que tu m'as dit voici le rapport:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Date de l'analyse: 03/05/2016 Heure de l'analyse: 15:11 Fichier journal: rapport mbam.txt Administrateur: Oui

Version: Base de données de programmes malveillants: v2016.05.03.05 Base de données de rootkits: v2016.04.17.01 Licen...

internet navigation problem

hello i have problems when i navigate: i have new popup pages who open extremely often

i did use awdcleaner and there is the rapport :

# AdwCleaner v5.115 - Rapport créé le 02/05/2016 à 23:42:13 # Mis à jour le 01/05/2016 par Xplode # Base de données : 2016-05-01.2 [Locale] # Système d'exploitation : Windows 8.1 Connected  (X64) # Nom d'utilisateur : thomas - THOMAS # Exécuté depuis : C:\User...

AdwCleaner v5.108 - Logfile created 01/04/2016 at 07:55:31

on Disinfection by ****

Had an adware problem and ran AdwCleaner, seems to have got it not sure will see :D

review and comment.

# AdwCleaner v5.108 - Logfile created 01/04/2016 at 07:55:31

# Updated 30/03/2016 by Xplode

# Database : 2016-03-30.1 [Server]

# Operating system : Windows 10 Home  (x64)

# Username :

# Running from : C:\Users\*****\Downloads\adwcleaner_5.108.exe

# Option : Clean

# Support : http://...

Re: why couln't remove 'albireo"

sorry for late reply actually i dont use any antivirus (my bad) but when i browse some website, albireo ads shows up, and its annoying. i thought its can be delete from adwcleaner but it couldnt

# AdwCleaner v5.102 - Logfile created 16/03/2016 at 12:57:17
# Updated 13/03/2016 by Xplode
# Database : 2016-03-14.1 [Server]
# Operating system : Windows 8.1 Pro  (x64)
# Username : user - TOSHIBA