Re: AdwCleaner 7.2.0 indicated version?

Remove botton. 1) pc1: no messages from Comodo > Remove botton works well; 2) pc2: messages from Comodo, I click on Allow as Safe application > Remove botton doesnt work, nothing happens.

Problem fully resolved by doing: Comodo > Applications> right click > "Unlock %temp% folder: uninstall.bat". ok!

PS: Comodo deleted your adwcleaner.exe when trying to copy it into a pendrive marking it as Ma...

Help with this Hijack / reg infection

Hi everybody,

I'am in trouble with an infection from a infected installation (all files, archives, download... from this has been removed).

After cleaning all suspicious programs on my compture (with CCleaner), I have clean up all caches files and repair the registre with it.

In third I do scan and clean up with the lasted version of Malwarebytes ; ADWcleaner ; Rkill and UnHackMe. Juste Male...

Re: Comment supprimer des dossiers vides dans mes images


Les dossiers vides ce sont des photos que j'avais dézippées et que j'ai replacée sur mon disque My passport car j'en avais au dessus de 1500 photos divisés en 6 dossiers. Et c'est seulement ces 6 dossiers qui ne veulent pas se supprimer.  A voir le lien cjoint que j'ai envoyé pour comprendre mon problème.



Re: Unable to open AdwCleaner 7.1.1.


problem solved by saving AdwCleaner 7.1.1. and in order to open it, I added item to TaskBar. As last step version 7.1.0. was deleted

Thank you and best regards.

Re: AdwCleaner 7.1.1 false positive with Vulkan


Thanks for your help, but in the mean time I deleted the folder as I didn't understand where this stupid folder name was coming from...


Re: Newest adw version detects world of warcraft beta as a threat and deletes the whole thing.

edit: in case you deleted the folder via adwcleaner you have to restore it and then locate the folder so your battlenet knows where the files are. otherwise its gonna re download it all. just restored it now so yea now i just have to remember to not delete it again when using adwcleaner again x) also the new version fixed the false positive: greast and fast!

Dead Rising 3 softonic viruses

Dead Rising 3 softonic viruses

I used adwcleaner to clean these viruses but they just keep on returning after boot-up.

Here are the names:

-Registry- [-] Key deleted: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.wiz

-Web browser- [-] [] [Search Provider] Deleted: [-] [] [Search Provider] Delet...

Re: Mon pc est lent, amazon assistant auto-installe seule, mon pc se déconnecte seul de la wifi

Bonjour/ bonsoir,

Je vous remercie de votre réponse et je m'excuse du retard de la mienne.

Voici ce que vous m'avez demandé:

après avoir nettoyé avec adwcleaner et redemarré l'ordinateur: amazon assistant a réapparu. 

# ------------------------------- # Malwarebytes AdwCleaner # ------------------------------- # Build:    04-12-2018 # Database: 2018-04-24.1 # Support:  https://www.m...

Re: False Positive ?

Thanks. I just deleted that task in CCleaner and everything is fine. FDM is working correctly.

Re: Newest adw version detects world of warcraft beta as a threat and deletes the whole thing.


This is indeed a false positive. It'll be fixed in the next release.

Did you try to restore the deleted folder using the quarantine?

Sorry for the inconvenience.