Re: Newest adw version detects world of warcraft beta as a threat and deletes the whole thing.

edit: in case you deleted the folder via adwcleaner you have to restore it and then locate the folder so your battlenet knows where the files are. otherwise its gonna re download it all. just restored it now so yea now i just have to remember to not delete it again when using adwcleaner again x) also the new version fixed the false positive: greast and fast!

Adwclwaner y Norton anti-virus

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Re: PUP \SysNative\drivers\mrxsmb22.sys

The decison in Version 3, Malwarebytes became to bloaty & buggy. I see people running Version 2 on Windows 7.

Now the decsion to end JRT with no more updates. Running JRT 8.14, everytime it manually creates a restore point for you. I have a HD/SSD, works fine for Restore Point. Create a restore point right now, is for right now.

Reset This PC with Keep My Files, Applications needing reinstall...

Re: Win10PESE startup

It all depends on the rig. HDD's are not known to be the fastest at boot times, especially if the system is Windows XP, quite a legacy system right now. Not really sure. If you PC specs are good, then you shouldn't have such long boot times, unless your HDD's are really slow. Did you notice anything else during the boot? Is your WinXP iso image clean? If you got it from a third party, I wouldn'...

Re: Version beta stops when scanning


I see other have responded - that the version - still doesent work  after the latest Windows10 update.   

Your program - is 'the best' / 'fastest'  - Clean Program Ever - therefore hope problem will be solved :)  Thank You Jens H. Nielsen, Denmark 


Nb - I use (have done for years - the free Avast virus protection. Have tried to deactivate Avast - during run - No difference - s...

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Re: Cleaning process for both Vista32: there is something to be erased?

Hi again, sorry a question: is this a new very strange updating system or a malware? thanks

  found in %temp% and I was asked at boot by UAC if I want to run it. I deleted it and stop. Today, since I have a clean disk image (thanks for your previous help), I accepted and clicked on OK. Online I find fast nothing about this autorun installer, released by Comodo on 30th june.thanks.

Re: Trouble with WinPESE X64 14393 17.01.16 download

"I don't see any errors server-side.."

FWIW my only evidence of this is the FDM message

"Have you tried the 32bits version?"

Just curious, are you using the latest Firefox?

Just tried it 32bit d/l.  Much faster d/l rate, but in the end the  same thing happened.  Eagleget progress bar says 100%, at which time but the d/l monitor gets stuck on "0 KB/S" and never fully completes the d/l.

As f...

Re: Impossible d'installer AdwCleaner

Voici le rapport:

# DelFix v1.013 - Rapport créé le 08/01/2017 à 16:09:25
# Mis à jour le 17/04/2016 par Xplode
# Nom d'utilisateur : Mr GUERRY - HP-OMNI27
# Système d'exploitation : Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (64 bits)

~ Activation de l'UAC ... OK

~ Suppression des outils de désinfection ...

Supprimé : C:\AdwCleaner
Supprimé : C:\Users\Mr GUERRY\Desktop\AdwCleaner fermeture.JPG...

Re: ADWCleaner deleted a folder it shouldn't

ADWCleaner deleted a folder saved on my desktop. As per suggestions on this thread, I ran the Quarantine Manager to restore the files. It worked. Files restored and my pc is much faster now after Ive deleted all those adware. 

Thank you for this product.