Re: lavasoft web companion

Hi guys,

I just ran the new version of adwcleaner and here is the log file

Also here is a screenshot of the eror msg when adwcleaner tries to remove the little pest.

once again thx for all the help

Re: AdwCleaner not a valid application

The version of DownThemAll at the link you gave is 3.0.2, which is more than a year old. The version I have installed is 3.0.8, which is at (You can only install that version from within Firefox.) However, it looks like it is only a little more recent.

Re: Cleaning process for both Vista32: there is something to be erased?

I again dear friend, Hi friends, sorry a little OT (my post can be moved to a more appropriate thread, if you want, thanks). A way to force Firefox to playback (as in the glorious past) youtube, facebook, skylinewebcams videos via Flash Player (developed until 2020!) instead of the catastrophic html5. In the past month I was able to add a Mozilla addon in FF and/or to change the MP4 keys in abo...

Re: nobot help detect some files

on NoBot by TazzyOpz

Hi, and yes ethminer is part of the Nicehash coin miner. However the file contains mining/bot behvaior. There will not be updates to make this file undetected. Your best solutions would be to add the file to your exceptions. With that being said I'm a little confused? Are you saying scvhost is a windows file?. The file found in your systems folder is sCvhost not sVchost. The sCvhost is not a wi...

Can't get rid of few malwares (yessearches)

Some time ago I notaice that when I am using spotify and my google chrome is open, some random ads shows up. It was little anoying so I wanted to get rid of it.  So basicly I use: MalwayBytes, AdwCleaner, Eset scan, Avast, HitmanPro, JRT. Uninstaled and instaled Chrome few times, uninstaled Spotify.  I did nearly every possible think and every time I open Chrome those guys come back. When I cle...

Re: AdwCleaner can't remove Program Files (x86)\MPC Cleaner

It seems like muc antivirus software can not detect MPC Cleaner. I know one can do. SpyHunter,

Spyhunter detects mpc cleaner

If you do not want to use it, you can follow the manual removal here

But the manual removal is a little complicated.


Infection? False positive?

I already know the browser instance is a NoScript false positive, but what of the rest? Please help me.


# AdwCleaner v6.000 - *Logfile created 19/08/2016 *at 12:05:02
# *Updated on 12/08/2016 by ToolsLib
# *Database : 2016-08-19.1 [*Server]
# *Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X86)
# *Username : Gakutenou - FROSTIE
# *Running from : C:\Documents\Downloads\adwcleaner...

False positive check

Detected by version 6. Please help me in case it's an actual infection.

# AdwCleaner v6.000 - Logfile created 13/08/2016 at 00:29:51
# Updated on 12/08/2016 by ToolsLib
# Database : 2016-08-12.4 [Server]
# Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X86)
# Username : Gakutenou - FROSTIE
# Running from : C:\Documents\Downloads\adwcleaner_6.000.exe
# Mode: Scan
# Support : https...

Re: vrexjvx le chrome pirate310516


Ce qui me reste est dans les logs de Malewarebytes :

Le premier ==   mbam-log-2016-05-25 (14-55-16)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>


<header><date>2016/05/25 14:55:21 +0200</date><logfile>mbam-log-2016-05-25 (14-55-16).xml</logfile><isadmin>yes</isadmin></header>


Re: vrexjvx le chrome pirate

Bonne idée,

on decouvre qu'il reste des virus ! "Little Registry Cleaner".... voila les 2 fichiers avant et apres nettoyage.

No1 ___________

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Date de l'analyse: 30/05/2016 Heure de l'analyse: 11:07 Fichier journal: rapport-malware300516.txt Administrateur: Oui

Version: Base de données de programmes malveillants: v2016.05.30.04 Base d...