Re: adwcleaner cleaned 2 threats and same ones returned next day after cleaning


Please manually reset your Chrome profile like in this picture:

Then, click on "Reset", and everything should be ok.


on AdwCleaner by

There i give you a picture , it will explained what i said before . Sorry for such a late reply

Re: adwcleaner_6.000 - On-Screen box will not maximise


We are working on it for the coming v6.010. However, you should still be able to see the results like in this picture:

Best regards,

Re: AdwCleaner v5.201 > False Positives?

I created a folder "Xmas" on my Desktop and put a picture in it

Then i scan with AdwCleaner.

AdwCleaner v5.201 # Datenbank : 2016-07-28.2 [Server] says in Log

***** [ Ordner ] *****

Ordner gefunden : C:\Users\MyName\Desktop\Xmas

So i think it is false positive.

Please fix it. Thanks

Re: I can no longer login on Windows 10 after running Adwcleaner

I do not see on the picture, but is your computer connected to Internet ? Windows 10 may require a working network connectivity in order to log in.



You can host the picture here : and copy/paste the generated link.

Re: internet navigation problem

~ ZHPDiag v2016.5.3.93 Par Nicolas Coolman (2016/05/03) ~ Démarré par thomas (Administrator)  (2016/05/03 17:06:16) ~ Site: ~ Facebook: ~ Etat de la version:  Version OK ~ Mode: Scanner ~ Rapport: C:\Users\thomas\Desktop\ZHPDiag.txt ~ Rapport: C:\Users\thomas\AppData\Roaming\ZHP\ZHPDiag.txt ~ UAC: Activate ~ Démarrage du sys...

Re: AdwCleaner Report

Here's the link to the ZPHDiag:

Thank you

barsim, 2015-12-06 15:40:08 (UTC)

Additionally here's the picture link:

Re: I'm not sure what to clean/remove.

Ok, so I've made a more detailled explanation (all the links refer to a picture with what to do) :

Re: AdwCleaner download/installation identified as threat by Norton 360

Please host the picture on and share the generated link.