Recovery of win 10 system

Using the recovery boot tool and it came up perfectly, I went to the Drive that I needed to look at.  It indicated the directory or file was corrupted and I would like to know if there is any way to rebuild it.  I am trying to save pictures located on the HD for a friend as the PC (desktop) failed.  Any help would be appreciated.

AdwCleaner Deleted one of my folders

Hi all. AdwCleaner deleted one of my files with pictures that took over hours to make and I already tried to restore the file by using the quarantine manager, but the manager isn't showing any files in it. However, going into the AdwCleaner, I can find the folder of quarantined items there. Can I just move that file back to my desktop since it's not showing in the quarantine manager? 

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Re: AdwCleaner stops working!

Glad to see everything is working again. 7.0.2 seems to be a lot more stable than other versions, hopefully, this continues. Also, you could upload your pictures to a free image upload site and paste the links here :)

Re: Adwcleaner logo disappear


It's very strange and the first time I see that happening, and I don't know what to say, because the other logos/pictures are working well.

Did you try to uninstall/re-download AdwCleaner (File -> Uninstall, and then redownload it from ToolsLib)?


Re: Can't delete UCguard

I run AdwCleaner and see that the UCguard from the services tab is gone. So i'm very happy with that.

But there are still a few things left.

1) In the AdwCleaner there are still 4 items from UC that come up every time i scan. Even after removing them.

Here is a log: 

Scan before removal:

Log of removal:

Scan after...

Re: adwcleaner cleaned 2 threats and same ones returned next day after cleaning


Please manually reset your Chrome profile like in this picture:

Then, click on "Reset", and everything should be ok.


on AdwCleaner by ****

There i give you a picture , it will explained what i said before . Sorry for such a late reply

Re: adwcleaner_6.000 - On-Screen box will not maximise


We are working on it for the coming v6.010. However, you should still be able to see the results like in this picture:

Best regards,

Re: AdwCleaner v5.201 > False Positives?

I created a folder "Xmas" on my Desktop and put a picture in it

Then i scan with AdwCleaner.

AdwCleaner v5.201 # Datenbank : 2016-07-28.2 [Server] says in Log

***** [ Ordner ] *****

Ordner gefunden : C:\Users\MyName\Desktop\Xmas

So i think it is false positive.

Please fix it. Thanks

Re: I can no longer login on Windows 10 after running Adwcleaner

I do not see on the picture, but is your computer connected to Internet ? Windows 10 may require a working network connectivity in order to log in.