zhp cleaner flagged by so many security softwares ?


do anyone know why zhp cleaner is flagged by so many security softwares ?

Re: winupdatefix 1.3

Hi again,

For me it seems normal, I assume WinUpdateFix is cleaning your update history for some reason (see "Effacer le catalogue des mises à jour" under Actions).

One thing is sure though, it won't prevent you from installing new updates. At least security ones (the end of support for Windows 7 from Microsoft is scheduled on January 14, 2020).

To be clear, I'm not the author of WinUpdateFi...

Re: s768.exe detection


Thanks for the feedback!

Can you share the remaining folders containing the .xpi?

Best regards,

fr33tux, 2016-11-15 19:00:21 (UTC)

Hello, i copy here the log file. You can see the folders address. AdwCleaner say "deleted", but after the system restart, still remain in system. Anyway, i write and repeat here for whom read this post: AdwCleaner makes it's job, isolate and quarantine...

Re: AdwCleaner download security warning


I presume you're using Google Chrome as web browser?

You should be able to pass through the security warning and download AdwCleaner. Can you please show me a screen capture of this alert?

Thank you.


AdwCleaner download security warning

My AdwCleaner download from the ToolsLib website is giving a security warning. I am happy with the service and the software but I need a safe download for Windows XP, as my XP computer and Google browser are no longer supported. I can't afford to upgrade my old Dell computer at this stage. Your help please?

Re: ADWcleaner wants to remove Reimage Repair

on AdwCleaner by rei

Reimage has 50,000+ active paid users.  At these volumes it's impossible to avoid negative feedback, not to mention years of questionable advertising methods.  I can show you negative feedback on everyone from Malwarebytes to Microsoft citing the exact same complaints you listed above

Reimage has a very simple purchase funnel and a 60 day money back guarantee with 24/7 customer service.  We al...

Re: Virus=Browser Hijacker


I would like to suggest you that you should update the system security software that is installed in the system. After that run the system scan on your PC, it would fix the problem. To know more about browser hijacker and how it spreads in the system along with its precautions, you can visit:


Re: Aucun virus trouvé

  • Désinstalle McAfee Security Scan Plus, il est inutile.
  • Ouvre le Bloc-notes (Démarrer => Tous les programmes => Accessoires => Bloc-notes).
  • Copie-colle le texte disponible à cette adresse dans le Bloc-notes.
  • Enregistre le fichier sur ton Bureau (au même endroit que FRST) sous le nom fixlist.txt
  • Lance FRST (Sous Windows Vista/7/8/10, clic droit sur FRST > Exécuter en tant qu'admin...

updatestar - ad-aware - cyberlink - onesafe uninstaller/express uninstaller

Dois je faire le tri:

-express uninstaller/onesafe uninstaller

-ad-aware pro security sur mon pc windows 7 portable

-ad-aware total security sur mon pc windows 10 de bureau

-cyberlink actiondirector 2.0

-cyberlink directorsuite 5

-cyberlink youcam 7 essentials

-cyberlink presenterlink+

-cyberlink power2go 10

-updatestar/updatestar premium


Je suis sur le forum aidoweb en pleine dési...

Re: adware removal problem with adware cleaner tool

Bitdefender 60-Second Virus Scanner

it is just a quick check tool but not an virus scanner and I had uninstalled now

Cezurity Antivirus Scanner
Cezurity Antivirus Scanner v4.2

yeah that is my new anti-virus /1 ! and I had uninstalled now

ESET Online Scanner

it is just an online scanner and I had uninstalled now

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

isn’t an anti-virus however I had to unstalle...