UCheck 2.3.2

It's always a pain to keep all your software updated to their latest version. Usually you need to open each software, find the "about" section, ope...

VBS Crypte FUD 0.1

Encrypt your vbs code. so that nobody can read it.



msgbox "Hello World"


B = "108=114=102=97=110=119=31=33=...

CMD Web Downloader

¿Qué es CMD Web Downloader?

Es un sencillo pero poderoso programa que descarga todos los archivos de una página web completa. De forma Indexada ...

CMD Downloader

¿Qué es CMD Downloader?

Es un sencillo pero eficáz descargador de archivos mediante el CMD de Windows. Es capáz de continuar descargas detenidas...



Adferno is an desktop application for windows designed to block unwanted websites from loading.
This is done by blacklisting unwant...

Advanced checksum utility 3.1

Advanced checksum utility 3.0 is an free, fast and easy to use file hashing application. With Advanced checksum utility 3.0 you can hash any of you...

ADS 2_01.01.17.1

ADS is another tool stamped SOSVirus, developer to activate, run, deactivate just for the session or for always (like keylogger in windows 10), a s...

Adguard 6.1

Adguard — это самый продвинутый интернет-фильтр и блокировщик рекламы в мире.

Skype AdBlocker 4

Skype ads blocking tool. For Windows: XP (Pro), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. x64 | x86

  • Totally blocking any ads in any version of Skype.
  • Removing top an...

RadioPlayer 1.5

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RadioPlayer est une application simple qui permet d'accéder à six stations de radio Françaises pour l'instant.

Des mises à jour sont pévues, d'aut...