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As some of you may have seen during the last hours, we're proud to announce that AdwCleaner is now part of the Malwarebytes family.
Following Malwarebytes initative to be more agressive on PUP (potentially unwanted programs) , it feels natural for AdwCleaner to associates with Malwarebytes in order to reach this goal and actively fight these unwanted software.

AdwCleaner v6.021 has been published a few minutes ago. With the development of the CLI release in parallel, this release is considered as a maintenance release, with mostly bugfixes, small detections improvements and new translations. Also, we are making good progresses on the CLI release, if you're interested see more at the bottom of this article !

We are making good progresses on the command-line release for AdwCleaner, and we think they are interesting enough to share them.