We are making good progresses on the command-line release for AdwCleaner, and we think they are interesting enough to share them.

Why a Command-Line interface ?

It's something that has been asked by more and more of our users who use AdwCleaner at (very) large scale. This interface makes scripting and automation more efficient in such environments.

Scalability means we need to think with a different standpoint: one cannot make a software used by one person in the same way than for millions of users !

(Good) progresses

Despite the fact that the graphic interface is already used by several hundred millions people, we develop the command-line interface differently.

And for now, the results quite good: for instance, the pre-scan process (database treatment, various initializations.. - no GUI action) currently takes between 5 to 20 seconds depending on the computer running it.

The CLI release show a huge improvement for the same work:

./AdwCleaner_CLI -d scan  0,12s user 0,00s system 7% cpu 1,664 total

0.12s for the CLI release vs around 10 seconds for the v6.020.

Of course, it's only one part of the overall work which also show benefits in efficiency in other modules of the project.

Stay tuned for more news about this promising release !