HLPCE is a Launcher & Server Browser for Halo CE and PC. The Ultimate Launcher! If you are a HALO player, Download NOW!

Compatible with 32 and 64 bits. Requires Windows 7 or higher and .NET Framework 4.5.

You can set the argument options.

You can put your background photos, you just have to put your images in the folder "Background".


Features :

  • Server Browser | Using GameTracker API
  • Server Invite System.
  • System News and Updates!
  • Full Server Info.
  • Favorites Server List System.
  • Import and Explor Server List.
  • Super Modern and nice interface, Customizable with Background Images that you decide to put on it.
  • Windowed [Window mode]
  • Full Screen [Full Screen Mode]
  • Fake FullScreen [Full Screen False Mode]
  • -    [Allows you to superimpose other applications [That have the TopMost property active] on top of the game]
  • Enabled Console
  • Enabled Screenshots
  • DevMode
  • No Gamma
  • No Sound
  • No Video
  • No Joystick
  • Safe Mode
  • It is very, very Light.



Do you want to add some other function or do you have any Suggestions? Do not forget to comment!

Downloads 1,665
Weekly downloads 10
Publisher EternalSoftware
By S4Lsalsoft
Created on 17 October 2020
Last update 23 December 2020
Category Servers
Operating system Windows

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