Point drawing software (Bézier curves): has many tools for drawing, transforming, working with layers, coloring closed areas. Versions Pro (Drawing and Heraldry) and free versions (Drawing and Heraldry).

Each drawing is composed of layers containing curves, each with several traces, each with segments delimited by points. With each addition of a point, the curve is constructed. It can be closed, the area can be colored, or open. To modify it, you will use the tools of addition and deletion of point, modification of curvature, symmetry, welding, adjustment, coordination, initialization, spacing, etc.

The curves can also be transformed directly onto the screen, using the different ALT, SHIFT and CTRL key combinations associated with the selection: corner of the selection frame, middle of the sides, center of rotation, etc.

This work can be carried out without risk, the cancellations of operations make it possible to return to the blank document, without limiting the number of operations.

These traces can be colored and of varying thickness, depending on the layer.

Closed areas can be colored, rendered opaque or transparent.

These curves can also be used to support undulating texts, many parameters allow to modify the characters (size, width, color, border, fill), their arrangement in the sentence (spacing, width of spaces, relative or fixed angle To the curve), and the horizontal or vertical position of the sentence (left margin, horizontal and vertical centering).

Since the VTG format stores only the drawing and coloring actions, the size of the files obtained is very small. They can be viewed before printing or recording (see LECYGN Visual for visualization, recording in JPG, GIF and BMP formats, and printing of existing files).

LECYGN 6 JUNIOR is offered free of charge and allows you to draw and use layers and coloring.

The JUNIOR DES (for DESIGN) code gives you access to all drawing features.

The JUNIOR HER code (for HERALDIQUE) gives you access to the creation of drawings from a library of standard drawings and coloring operations.

Also available in commercial version LECYGN 6 PRO.

Orders are available in 7 languages, help is available in French and English.

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