ScanRapide 18.05.10 Release

ScanRapide is a diagnosis tool which gives you a fast feedback about your system's health.

Just now, it lists :

  • Operating system configuration
  • Current processes
  • Services and drivers, as well as their operating status and start-up mode
  • Content of the Hosts file
  • IFEO's keys (with Debugger's value)
  • Winlogon\Notify's keys (with DllName's value)
  • Proxy's values
  • Network cards and their settings
  • Run's values
  • Startup's files
  • Software's keys
  • Files and folders in specific locations

The log file is located on the drive's root, named ScanRapide[RX].txt.

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Publisher Lydem
By Lydem
Created on 31 January 2018
Last update 10 May 2018
Category Security
Operating system Windows

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