a member of the german Firefox Forum (camp-firefox.de/forum) had found a possible issue. He has a scaling over 100% (actual 125%) at a resolution 1920 x 1080 px and text-size middle. Now the Opions-GUI won't sizes at the actual scaling. So it dosn't shows all elements. Is this a bug ?

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Re: Version scaling over 100%

It appears to be one. I have had multiple issues in the past with windows scaling, it just breaks applications. Not just ADWCleaner, but most of the applications. Only a few people do the scaling though, so globally it is not an issue. But yeah, maybe official representatives have some thoughts on this, I would like to know myself.

Re: Version scaling over 100%


Can you share a link/screenshot of this issue?


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A screenshot for the record:


JoshRoss: You're right and it's a bit tricky to correctly handle, but we'll try for the next release.

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