A couple of days ago i downloaded adwcleaner and i worked very good. Only 1 unwanted program he didn't remove (MPC Cleaner) the program found it but didn't removed it. I hope you can do something with this information. Sorry for my bad English.

Re: Find but didn't remove MPC cleaner

Hello :)

Can you share the adwcleaner logfile ? It can be found in c:/AdwCleaner/adwcleaner[CX] where X is a number.

Is MPC Cleaner list in the Microsoft software to uninstall programs ? It can be found in the configuration panel. If so, try to uninstall it from there.

Hope it helps.


Re: Find but didn't remove MPC cleaner

Hello Chapi, This is my last logfile: # AdwCleaner v5.110 - Logbestand aangemaakt 12/04/2016 op 00:33:44 # Laatste update 10/04/2016 door Xplode # Database : 2016-04-11.4 [Server] # Besturingssysteem : Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X64) # Gebruikersnaam : Leroy - LEROY-PC # Gestart vanuit : C:\Users\Leroy\Desktop\adwcleaner_5.110.exe # Optie : Scannen # Ondersteuning : http://toolslib.net/forum

***** [ Services ] ***** - Service gevonden : MPCProtectService - Service gevonden : MPCKpt

***** [ Mappen ] *****

Map gevonden : C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\MPC I already uninstalled it in control panel but he won't remove permanent. :( Greetings, Leroy

Re: Find but didn't remove MPC cleaner

Hi Leroy,

The AdwCleaner logfile shows us that MPC 's service is still present.

I'have already fought againt that service, and he is clearly well protected.

Actually, the best way to remove it, is to reinstall MPC completly, in order to uninstall it with it's own uninstall application.

The real problem here, is that some tools, like AdwCleaner, tries to remove it, but don't sucess completly, so they remove only some part, and then it is really difficult to remove what remains.


So here are some instructions that should lead you to the total removal of MPC :

  • Download MPC Cleaner from MPC website.
  • Follow the instructions while installing it.
  • When finish, go to the Windows tool to remove application. It can be found in the configuration panel.
  • You should see an entry for MPC Cleaner.
  • Select it and choose "Uninstall".
  • Then follow the step of the uninstaller, with a lot of attention as it might try to change your mind :)

When finish, please do a scan with ZHPDiag, with that logfile I will see if there is something else that should be remove from your computer.

  • Download ZHPDiag from Nicolas on his website
  • Then run it with administrator's rights (with right click)
  • Then upload the log file on up2share (you will find it on your desktop, just drop the file on the upload zone)
  • Then post the link in your reply

Good luck :)



Re: Find but didn't remove MPC cleaner

Hello Chapi, I will try it when i get home, thanks for your help and i will let you know if it worked or not.  


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