Some time ago I notaice that when I am using spotify and my google chrome is open, some random ads shows up. It was little anoying so I wanted to get rid of it.  So basicly I use: MalwayBytes, AdwCleaner, Eset scan, Avast, HitmanPro, JRT. Uninstaled and instaled Chrome few times, uninstaled Spotify.  I did nearly every possible think and every time I open Chrome those guys come back. When I clean it and do not open Chrome, AdwCleaner tells there is no bugs but as soon as I open Chrome for few secounds they come back.  Here's the screen shot of the guys im talkin about -

Re: Can't get rid of few malwares (yessearches)


Can you stop the Chrome synchronization if you're using it ?


Then, reuse AdwCleaner, reboot, and see if the problem reappear. Also, can you share me the whole logfile ?

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