Re: Start\Windows icon

Well, plenty of work there, Josh! I've done virtually them all including Hitman Pro,MBAM, AdwCleaner, CCleaner but no change in anything, still same problem with the Start icon. Just can't wonder what I've done. Oh, and System Restore hasn't worked for months in my Win 10 so downloaded and was using Restore Point Creator which was better, but that nearly alway fails to work. Reformatting is a b...

Re: Win10PESE startup

The only way you can boot from the disk itself is through PXE and network booting (Advanced Windows Server things :) ). Any other way is impossible. Ah yes, good point covering RAM totally went out of my head. In general, this seems more like some specific hardware issue than anything else.

Re: Error ADW

I did the same with my second machine with WIN 8.1. The same problem, the same error message. Atgtached pls find the content of the debug log file.

2017-08-01 13:14:15.535 DEBUG [9084] [MainUI::buttonScanClicked@294] [i] Scan button clicked (-31986) 2017-08-01 13:14:15.538 DEBUG [8304] [MainUI::Entry@1271] [+] Checking for update... 2017-08-01 13:14:16.040 DEBUG [8304] [AdwCleanerSDK::checkCA...

Re: My AdwCleaner has a problem

Have you had any other success determining the issue? Have you tried first scanning with Malwarebytes and then AdwCleaner afterward? What OS are you running and which version? Because that might cause an issue with compatibility (Very rare case). Try launching the application in the admin mode? This guide also has more info about compatibility, IF it is the issue. Speculating at this point. Let...

Re: False positives?

I have a doubt, if I run the program while being connected to the internet, it does not give me any detections, but if I run it without an internet connection, it recalls 260 detections, the same ones that the author of the post points out.

Re: AdwCleaner signature


Here is the logfile that was displayed:

== Scan for security software untrusted certificates | Support: <> == This software will look for known security vendor certificate in the Windows Untrusted Store and remove the legit ones. This should allow your security software to launch again properly.

========= 03D22C9C66915D58C88912B64C1F984B8344EF09 [!] F...

Re: PUP.Legacy.Optional - 3 Threats Identified

I took a look at steps to do safe mode w/networking scan few weeks ago. When I tried to start it on my PC, I ran into some abmiguous choices and was afraid to pick the wrong option and really screw something up so I cancelled the scan. 

Point of reference -- I'm pretty good with everyday computer issues, but in over head when dealing with startup processes, program installs, etc. 

Re: AdwCleaner XP SP3


It's edited, thanks for pointing it out.

Sorry for not supporting XP and Vista any longer but we had to make some choices. If you have any troubles while using MB3, please reach us and we'll help!

Re: 19 may last update..??..:(


Instead of asking for a pointless version number increment, can you describe the features you would like to see being implemented? It would be definitively more helpful.


Re: 19 may last update..??..:(

Development is a process, if the tool didn't work, people wouldn't use it at all. Two essential parts of the software are updated. Virus Database and Software on your computer. The database can and usually is updated regularly on the cloud, it's how your software detects that certain programs or files are malicious. Software on your computer is to be able to work with your PC. Sometimes if the ...