Re: Cannot uninstall adwcleaner

This still leaves windows thinking it is installed and eventually leads to trouble in add/remove programs and leftover registry entries. What is needed in an uninstall/cleanup program from Malwarebytes.


Re: Cannot uninstall adwcleaner

Well, in that case you can uninstall it by manually removing the C:\AdwCleaner folder (and all its content).

And then, just remove the AdwCleaner executable.

That's it.

Re: AdwCleaner will not install on Win10 64-bit PC

Yes, AdwCleaner finally installed and ran normally. I removed the Auslogics stuff so it won't zap it. I hope version and above keeps working!


Re: Adwcleaner ne se lance pas

J'ai reinstallé MBAM

malgré qu"il a detecté 3malwares mais il stope carrement la connexion internet

je crois que je vais le supprimer

Merci ,


ADW cleaner found 3 Pups

pup Optional Legacy

pup Optional My Web Shield

pup Optional PC project

But when you try to remove them the cleaner locks up with this message

Caught unhandled unknown exceptiuon terminating

How do i get rid of them

Re: Adwcleaner Command Line interface -version CLI


Bravo encore pour tout le travail accompli.

et le rapprochament avec Malwaresbytes.

Je reviens au sujet de la CLI pour adwcleaner.

Y a t il du nouveau?

je suis desole, mais j'ai un peu "de la suite dans les idees" un an après.

J'aime beaucoup Adwcleaner, et j'aimerais pourvoir l'utilser avec des batchs.

M E R C I :-)


Re: PUP \SysNative\drivers\mrxsmb22.sys

SysNative, means System32.

I found it here:


Name                     Size

mrxsmb.22.sys       57 KB



I then tracked it thru Manic Time to the exact time in seconds and found what happened at that time as confirmed adw, installer wnd.

What this was is a fake Cedrick Collomb Portable. Unlocker is only an Install.

Would not delete man...

Re: How to remove Ninite.exe


You should be able to find a way to uninstall Ninite through the Windows Control Panel/Settings.

Here is how (take a look at the Remove in Settings section):


How to remove Ninite.exe

I am running Windows 7 and I downloaded and installed the Ninite program for automatic software updates. It said it had installed and updated some programs but I cannot find the Ninite.exe file anywhere on my PC. Is there a way to remove it? Makes me uneasy to have a supposedly running program that I can't find / locate file location. Thank you.

Re: Required Registries Removed?


You can remove them, they belong to Pokki.