Re: Défaut sur Google

Bonsoir Léon,

On va s'en sortir, AdwCleaner ne fais pas de magie noire, si il fais quelque chose qui restaure la connexion, on va réussir à le faire nous aussi, et de façons pérenne !


  1. Alors pour commencer est-ce que quand tu as un problème de connexion, Windows te le notifie dans la barre des taches ? Avec un triangle jaune sur l'icole du wifi par exemple ?


  2. On va refaire un script ZH...

Re: bizarre voice in my laptop speakers

on Disinfection by ****

here is AdwCleaner[S0]:

# AdwCleaner v4.106 - Report created 21/12/2014 at 17:33:54
# Updated 21/12/2014 by Xplode
# Database : 2014-12-21.4 [Live]
# Operating System : Windows 8.1  (64 bits)
# Username : Albert - JEAN
# Running from : C:\Users\Albert\Downloads\adwcleaner_4.106 (1).exe
# Option : Clean

***** [ Services ] *****

[#] Service Deleted : CltMngSvc Service Deleted : netfilter64

Re: AdwCleaner Report


We'll use MBAM to remove some stuff, and then clean the remainings with ZHPFix like you did with Chapi if needed :


  • Launch MalwareByte's Anti Malware from your desktop
  • Click on the tab Settings -> Detection & Protection -> PUP/PUM and check "Treat these detections like malware".
  • Tab Exam choose Threats, click on Scan now, and click on Launch the exam.
  • If something is detected, cho...

i was locked out of my windows 10 pc

on Windows by ****

i have upgraded to windows 10 and it will not let me unlock and says my password is wrong. anyone having same problem or know haw to sort out this windows 10 locked out issue. thanks in advance. 

Re: AdwCleaner suddenly stops


Can you run it in DEBUG mode ( click "Options" -> "Activate debug mode" ) then post the content of the file called AdwCleaner_dbg_xxx.log located at C:\AdwCleaner



Re: AdwCleaner suddenly stops


In fact there is an error with a COM module that your computer doesn't seem to have / find. Instead of making the program crashes when it can't find this module, I just bypass it and the scan can complete.

Moreover, you should have a file called "COMError.log" located at C:\AdwCleaner, can you post it's content ?



Re: ADWCleaner deleted my important folder

Greetings grynfindore,

you should be able to recover deleted files thanks to the Quarantine. Here is how to use it :

  • On the top menu, click on Tools > Quarantine manager;
  • Every deleted elements are moved to the quarantine. They can be restored if necessary. Click on Restore will restore checked elements.


ADWCleaner deleted my important folder

on AdwCleaner by ****


Can someone pls help me to recover one of the folder that has been deleted by ADWCleaner ? I am freaking out now since it is my important work folder.

Pls help me to recover the file.

Thank you.

Re: Problem AdwCleaner


Signatures are automatically updated if the computer has an active network connection. Otherwise, AdwCleaner use the embedded database.

I hope that answers to your question ?



fr33tux, 2015-11-06 19:40:59 (UTC)

Problem is automatic, please activate to offline update signature and give imrpot file to adwcleaner it is important for people.

Do you think  Comodo Cleaning ...

Re: windupdate

on Windows by ****

winupdate automatically installed in a language other than english. I need to change it