Re: Adwcleaner vs Malwarebytes

Referring to the FAQ linked above.

Are both AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes needed?

  • Yes!
  • AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes are designed to work well together
  • AdwCleaner specializes in adware and PUPs removal and does not offer real-time protection. It does a more thorough job of cleaning the left-over traces, OS configurations, and system modifications caused by malware.
  • Malwarebytes focuses more o...

Help with this Hijack / reg infection

Hi everybody,

I'am in trouble with an infection from a infected installation (all files, archives, download... from this has been removed).

After cleaning all suspicious programs on my compture (with CCleaner), I have clean up all caches files and repair the registre with it.

In third I do scan and clean up with the lasted version of Malwarebytes ; ADWcleaner ; Rkill and UnHackMe. Juste Male...

AdwCleaner Deleted one of my folders

Hi all. AdwCleaner deleted one of my files with pictures that took over hours to make and I already tried to restore the file by using the quarantine manager, but the manager isn't showing any files in it. However, going into the AdwCleaner, I can find the folder of quarantined items there. Can I just move that file back to my desktop since it's not showing in the quarantine manager? 

Here's t...

Adwclwaner y Norton anti-virus

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Re: AdwCleaner will not install on Win10 64-bit PC


Sorry for the late answer.

Indeed, Auslogics is considered as PUP by AdwCleaner. Did you manage to run the cleaning process?

Re: AdwCleaner stops during cleaning


This is a known issue and will be resolved with the upcoming major version (7.1).

Sorry for the inconvenience.


AdwCleaner stops during cleaning

AdwCLeaner stops during cleaning and popup comes up saying "unhandled exception caught, terminating".

Re: Major difficulties with AdwCleaner v.

This is the only log available that says clean. This was done when he removed ALL check marks from all items found. Otherwise, when he removed check marks only from the registiry section the program did not go through with clean it just shut down. .


This time he hit clean and the program closed, the computer shut down but when it rebooted it had not cleaned anything.

notnats, 2017-1...

Re: Major difficulties with AdwCleaner v.


This time he hit clean and the program closed, the computer shut down but when it rebooted it had not cleaned anything.

notnats, 2017-10-02 03:31:16 (UTC)

Can you please share the cleaning logfile?