Re: AdwCleaner has stopped working

I have the same problem with version on an older Dell laptop using Windows 7 with my anti virus disabled.  Tried using version with the debug option selected and get the same results.  Stops after beginning the heuristic scan.  Any thoughts solutions.  Version 7.0.6 works fine on a Dell desktop with windows 7.

Mon PC serait-il infecté ?


Sur mon PC de bureau HP Windows7 Pro, j'ai des petits bugs depuis quelques semaines. Il arrive que l'écran devienne tout flou et que je doive rebooter. J'ai installé la dernière version de Firefox mais elle plante. Or, je n'ai vu nulle part que cette version posait problème. Par ailleurs, avec Microsoft Outlook 2007 Pro, certaines de mes adresses e.mail ne fonctionnent plus alors que ...

Re: crash à 10%

bonjour ok alors super :)

il arrive qu il faille cliquer sur "débloquer" dans les propriétés suivant les cas :)

possible aussi que le smartscreen bloque certaines actions ou l antivirus qu'il faut désactiver pendant l utilisation des outils :)

Désinfection de tapsnake, cronDNS, Dubfishiw


Mon pc est infecté par les 3 virus cités ci dessus (j'ai eu cette info par une fenêtre qui s'est ouverte et qui me dit que windows est endommagé!) . Les fichiers infectés : syn32/hidden/Xsnake.ex....Que me conseillez-vous ?

mon navigateur : chrome 

Can't open quarantine, something might be wrong

That's the message that the Quarantine Manager sends me when i want to "clean" my virus and it also says i should contact you. I can press OK at the bottom off the window but i don't know what that message want to tell me.

Re: Win XP support

Signed in just to show support for all the windows embedded POSReady systems based on XP out there, which are still being updated until april 2019.

Why is that every single person thinks that if there is an old working machine somewhere it should be definitely full of viruses? That's really annoyin...

my comp cant update windows

my problem started a couple weeks back when my comp told me it was going to upgrade windows 10. it hung at 88% several times telling me not to turn off the computer but i couldnt help it. how many days would this take anyway? so it reverted. then i noticed that You Tube showed a constant loading screen on the video. the thumbnails for the suggested videos were visable but nothing i clicked play...

Re: Win XP support

What this link is about? You're not working on Microsoft, don't you? Even MBAM supports XP along with other popular anti-viruses and tools.

There is a possibility to realize an XP support in current version. I wrote back in August to fr33tux and sent him screens with explanations on how to add XP support to your project. So for now it seems like a MBAM PR action that you don't want to realize ...

Impossible de supprimer Nophilos.exe

Bonjour ; j'ai essayé 2 outils différents : AdwCleaner et Malwarebytes mais ce virus reste toujours dans mon Pc ; quel outils pourrait vous me suggérer ?


Hi, im sorry for my bad english, i have a problem, the virus or troyan, i dont know, "coin-hive", i already use adwcleaner, malwarebytes, and rkill, but it still in some pages, malwarebytes detects it in some pages, (i already clean the browser etc). If you can help me, i would appreciate it. Ty