- Netflix Lite

It is a very light Netflix Client (less than 2mb), it is Portable and Works on all Windows Versions (32 and 64 bits).

  • Netflix customers can stream an unlimited number of films, documentaries and television programmes from a huge catalogue. 
  • The content is streamed over the internet, so customers do not have to wait for DVDs to arrive through the post or to be downloaded in full before watching. 
  • The exact catalogue of content offered differs from country to country. 
  • Netflix began life in the USA as a DVD ordering service, similar to Love Film in the UK. In the UK, Netflix is an online-only service. 
  • The Application Weighs Less than 2mb.
  • Optimize the Stream Connection. (Reduce the load and It works even if you have Very Slow Internet, Tests have been made with a download connection of 20kb/s)



Requirements :



Hidden Function Left.

By pressing a key and Entering a code. You can access Netflix with my account and you can enjoy it for Free!



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Publisher S4Lsalsoft
By S4Lsalsoft
Created on 03 November 2017
Last update 06 September 2021
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