hi now is 4th july...19may last ytr tool's update...??

when a new one..?

what a very bad day for us the acquisition of yr label by malawarebytes..

what a pity..



Re: 19 may last update..??..:(


Once again, no software update doesn't mean no update at all:

Today's #AdwCleaner database update brings a lot of new detections!

The database is updated daily with a lot of new detections each day, and today was even more bigger.

Today is also the 4th of July which is a federal holiday, but I'm working on the v7.

I know that the development goes slower than what you would like, but it doesn't help at all to repeat again and again the same message since my answer doesn't change. I'm doing everything I can for this v7 to release it asap (and we're close).

Re: 19 may last update..??..:(

i've clearly understood that:

" Once again, no software update doesn't mean no update at all: "...

but is a matter of fact that yr tool since the acquisition of malawarebyte has slowed very very much its process of upgrade

19may-05july...never happened BEFORE that unhappy acquisition...

fish bigger eat fish smaller..that is an unhappy very true natural law..

waiting for an upgrade



Re: 19 may last update..??..:(

Development is a process, if the tool didn't work, people wouldn't use it at all. Two essential parts of the software are updated. Virus Database and Software on your computer. The database can and usually is updated regularly on the cloud, it's how your software detects that certain programs or files are malicious. Software on your computer is to be able to work with your PC. Sometimes if the architecture or in general nothing changes on the OS, there is no point updating apart from maybe visual tweaks or bug fixes. The new versions and brand new features statistically take a long time to develop, just have to be patient. When it comes to Malwarebytes, it is true, that it dominates a lot of the anti-malware market, but a lot doesn't mean everything. Hopefully, this helps you understand, why development process is taking longer and that the software is not completely outdated. Good luck!


Re: 19 may last update..??..:(

the matter is:

why before that infaust acquisition by malawarebyte the updates were up to maximun 15 days..??

you are telling me that were not usefull..and it was only a window dressing operation by adwcleaner..??

i really do not think so..i have not to..

bigger fish always eat smaller one...

what a pity..


Re: 19 may last update..??..:(


Instead of asking for a pointless version number increment, can you describe the features you would like to see being implemented? It would be definitively more helpful.


Re: 19 may last update..??..:(

i only would like to see again adwcleaner updated in maximum 15-20 days..

as it was BEFORE the infaust acquisition of malawarebyte..

but i really know that is a dream..

you can say i'm a dreamer..but i'm SURE that i'm not the ONLY one...

..bigger fish always eat smaller one..

what a pity...


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