Now I've used the newest AdwCleaner version 6.0.1 and got 5 errors. My computer is running fine so I'm hesitant to delete these without knowing exactly what they are. Can you tell me, one-by-one, what these threats are precisely? I'd really appreciate it.

I believe the first four are related to Sony software on my Vaio.

Thank you.

***** [ Registry ] *****

Key Found:  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\FWToolsForSOHLib.FWToolsAsSOHLibVersi.1

Key Found:  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\FWToolsForSOHLib.FWToolsAsSOHLibVersion

Key Found:  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\OpcMp4.OpcMp4Player

Key Found:  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\OpcMp4.OpcMp4Player.1

Key Found:  HKCU\Software\Classes\CLSID\{BEBBC426-4F16-4567-8FE1-BE198C982027}

Re: AdwCleaner 6.0.1 Registry Threats?

Ditto the above two registry entries for OpcMp4Player,

Are they false positives? they are part of Sony Sonic Stage on my PC, a legit program that I have installed.

Re: AdwCleaner 6.0.1 Registry Threats?

By the way, I've run Malwarebytes several times (including treating PUP and PUMs as malware) and have come up completely clean. Only AdwCleaner is listing these five items as "threats."

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